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Jekyll Serif Theme

Serif is a beautiful small business theme for Jekyll. It contains content types for the archetypical small business website. The theme is fully responsive, blazing fast and artfully illustrated.

Live Demo

Hugo Serif Theme screenshot

Theme features

  • Services (Collection)
  • Team (Collection)
  • Testimonials (Collection)
  • Features (Data)
  • SCSS
  • Responsive design
  • Bootstrap 4 grid and media queries only
  • Responsive menu
  • 100/100 Google Lighthouse speed score
  • Under 30KB without images or 80KB with images and illustrations ⚡
  • Robust example content included
  • Royalty free illustrations included


To run the theme locally, navigate to the theme directory and run bundle install to install the dependencies, then run jekyll serve or bundle exec jekyll serve to start the Jekyll server.

I would recommend checking the Deployment Methods page on Jekyll website.

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