Alore development

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This page covers topics related to Alore development.

Make Alore more like Python

Plan for making Alore resemble Python: Alore Python Unification


New language features

The following language features have high priority:

  • Optional strict runtime type checking when using mixed typing
    • Check type errors when a dynamically-typed value is bound to statically-typed variable
  • final classes
    • To get rid of the special status of primitive types such as Int and Str
  • Bounded polymorphism
  • Source file level option for requiring full type annotations
    • Give a warning/error if implicit dynamic types are used in a file
    • Otherwise it's easy to forget some dynamically-code lying around

These convenience features are under consideration:

  • Indentation-based syntax (allow omitting end)
    • More Python-like, more compact, quicker to write
  • Short-hand one-line notation for statements and definitions
    • Colon may be used for single-line body without proper block, e.g.
      • for x in a:
      • if cond: break
    • Maybe also short-hand closure syntax: def x: x + 1 instead of def (x); return x + 1; end
      • Similar to Python lambda
  • Collection map/filter
    • Maybe array comprehensions, similar to Python?
    • E.g. [s.strip() for s in a], [x for x in a if x != nil]
    • With short-hand closure syntax filter/map-style higher-order functions also become more practical
  • No need to declare top-level variables
    • More convenient for interactive use
    • More convenient for short scripts
    • Implicitly declared variables should be module-private
  • Use syntax { key : value, ... } to construct maps
  • Multiline string literals (e.g. triple-quoted string literals)
  • Hexadecimal integer literals
    • Are they necessary? These might be useful for interoperability. Int('ff', 16) already works, though.

Other useful features:

  • Redefining member access logic (similar to Python's __getattr__)
    • This needs to work well with the type system
  • Better syntax for freeing/closing resources (files, mutex locks, transactions)
    • Maybe something like the Python with statement?
    • Or ruby/smalltalk style blocks?
  • Selective import from module import a, b, ...
    • Improves maintainability and reduces the chances of name clashes

New library features and modules

These module are currently being worked on (but perhaps slowly):

  • Command line argument parsing module (argparse)
  • File utilities such as Glob, RemoveTree etc. (fileutil)
  • Creating temporary files and directories
  • Communicating with subprocesses (similar to Python subprocess module)
  • Object serialization
  • Cryptographic hashes such as sha1
  • Better module for dynamic loading of code
  • Postgresql access
  • HTTP server
  • Unicode database

These are also important:

  • Xml parsing
  • Template library / web development framework
  • Gui library
  • Sqlite / mysql etc. access
  • Locale support
  • Sending emails
  • Ssl
  • Asian character encodings
  • Windows registry access
  • etc.

New tool features

The following have high priority:

  • Native code compiler
  • Interactive interpreter
  • Alore-Python bridge that allows using Python modules from Alore code

These are also important:

  • Debugger
  • IDE support with code completion etc.
  • Profiler

These would be nice eventually:

  • Alore-to-JavaScript compiler (or even Alore-to-Dart compiler if Dart takes off)
    • Compiler should be fairly easy, but library support might be more tricky
  • Alore JVM implementation
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