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This exploit for CVE 2018-11759, vulnerability in apache mod_jk, module for load-balancer
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Other language git - pt-BR

Check if your instances are expose the CVE 2018-11759

The archive main are a script in bash for exploiting.

The urls shall use the protocol and complete addres, example:


For more urls in one consult, can be used the here-document, example:

# Call the bash, no request permission for exec
bash main << EOF
# ...

If no want use the here-document, he can be open with bash main


To facilitate the audit report a file is created in files_cap/ with name of that have all details of target load balancer, with internal address, ports, timestemp, distros, routes, etc.


This exploit is free, GNU GPL version 3

This project created by @jul10l1r4 are part of Segmentation fault

Segmentation fault

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