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    _       _       _     ___  
  / _ \   / _ \   / _ \  |  _ \ 
 | |_| | | (_| | | |_| | | |_) |
 |_| |_|  \__, | |_| |_| |_| |_|

What is it?
Agar is a type of sugar polymer obtained from seaweed and red algae. Agar
becomes gelatinous in water and is primarly used as a culture medium for
microbiological work. Agar is also the name of an open source GUI toolkit.

Agar works with a wide variety of platforms and graphics systems, from modern
OpenGL-capable desktops to classic consoles and embedded devices. Using the
AG_Driver(3) interface, developers can easily port Agar to new systems
and graphics APIs. Some Agar drivers are designed to work with a native
window system (e.g., "glx", "wgl" and "cocoa"). Others (such as "sdlfb"
and "sdlgl") work with a single display, with Agar providing a built-in
window manager. Since Agar provides a consistent programming interface,
developers need not to be aware of the underlying platform.

A set of general-purpose widgets are included in the Agar distribution.
Agar's class registration interface allows new widgets to be implemented
as part of an application or third-party library. The appearance of Agar
GUI elements is configurable programmatically and parametrically using
simple CSS-style attributes.

The Agar-Core library provides various utility and portability interfaces,
as well as Agar's object system, AG_Object(3). The object system implements
inheritance, serialization, virtual functions, timers and more. Agar-Core
contains no GUI-related code; applications may link to Agar-Core without
linking to Agar-GUI.

Agar is thread-safe when built with threads support. See the API reference
and AG_Threads(3) for more information about thread safety.

- The online API Reference. This is a detailed description of all
  public Agar structures, objects and functions, at:
- On Unix-like platforms, the API reference is also available in
  traditional manual page format; see AG_Intro(3).
- The Agar Manual (work in progress), at:

Step-by-step installation guides are available for various platforms.
Refer to the "Installation Guides" section of the Agar documentation
page at:

Download the most recent Agar version from the Agar home page at:

Agar is portable to many different platforms, including FreeBSD, IRIX,
Linux, MacOS Classic, MacOS X, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris and Windows. Agar
has been used on ARM embedded devices. It has even been ported to game
consoles such as the GP2x, the Nintendo Gamecube/Wii and the Xbox. See:

Agar is freely distributable under the terms the "new" BSD license:

How to contribute

Libraries and toolkits based on Agar
Here are some useful libraries which implement new Agar widgets and
extend Agar's functionality toward more specific applications:

Agar-AU		Portable audio interface (bundled, use `agar-au-config`)
Agar-MATH	General-purpose math library (bundled, use `agar-math-config`)
Agar-VG		Vector graphics library (bundled, use `agar-vg-config`)
Agar-RG		Raster graphics library (bundled, use `agar-rg-config`)
Agar-DEV	Developer/debugging tools (bundled, use `agar-dev-config`)
FreeSG		2D/3D graphics engine (
Edacious	Electronics design (
CADTools	Computer-aided design (