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Speaking Times Tables - for iPhone

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Speaking Times Table Tutor makes learning times tables fun. Your child can listen and join in with the times table being spoken. They will quickly learn and can take a test to show you how successful they've been. Maths doesn't have to be boring, it can now be fun.

Written by Jules Moorhouse.


  • Listen to spoken times table in male or female voices
  • Choose from 1 to 12 times table
  • Take a test and save the score
  • Applause if the score is 12 out of 12
  • High score chart to show improvement

With Speaking Times Table Tutor your kid can choose whether they want to learn, test, look at the high scores and select male or female voice.

Within the learn screen, kids can choose which times table they want to hear.

Once your child is ready to proceed to a test, they again choose a times table and the question / sum is spoken to them. The the app waits for them to provide their answer, then the next question etc. At the end of the test they can choose to save their score.

Then in the high scores screen they can see if they have improved.



This was my first iOS app. I've had to remove the background images, as I didn't have big enough versions for the latest devices, so it looks rather plain now.

Also you'll notice that the voice sounds have a watermark. I've added the watermark as the voices are mine and my wife, which aren't very good quality. I didn't want to make these open source.

My Speaking Times Tables apps / programs have been developed across several different platforms and have grown with each version. You can read more about the history on my website. The latest version is a universal app for iOS.

You can also download the latest version of the app from the app store.


Contributions for bug fixing or improvements are welcomed. Feel free to submit a pull request. Also if you find this code useful, feel free to buy a copy of my app, see the app store button above.


Usage is provided under the MIT License. See LICENSE for the full details.


Speaking Times Table Tutor for iPhone, makes learning times tables fun.





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