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Fully automated STEEM voter


The fully automated STEEM voter will automatically upvote authors on the STEEM Blockchain. For each user the upvote weight, the amount of upvotes per day and a delay can be set. This is an open source project contributed to Utopian. And is live at SteemAutomated

Standalone voter

The standalone server can be used to perform simple voting for 1 account.

Server voter

The server voter is the backend application used to perform all voting being done at SteemAutomated. The website offers a easy to user interface for users to interact with, add and update their voting rules. User authentication is done by Steemconnect.


In the next update trailing of other STEEM accounts will be enabled.

Previous versions

  • 0.0.2 Added the front-end website and Steemconnect user authentication
  • 0.0.1 Initial commit, release of the standalone voter code