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Deine soziale Stadtteilplattform powered by Drupal. Alpha, alpha everywhere. If you'd like to join us take a look @



  • PHP 5.4 or better with Imagick-extension being installed.
  • Drupal version 7.x ( with "CKeditor", "Views" & "Messages"-module being installed
  • Recommended modules for an advanced UX/SEO: "HTML5 Tools", "Metatags" & "AdvAgg"
  • Enjoy extra-features with our support for "Simple FB Connect"-, "aggregator"- and "xmlsitemap"-module.
  • MySQL/MariaDB with support for datetime-fields and -actions (e.g. CURDATE())

Installation via git:

Within your local Drupal-copy, clone this repo to 'sites/all/'. The module & theme will now be manageable from within Drupal's backend.


Installation via (S)FTP

  • Copy "themes/aaa_theme" to "drupal/sites/all/themes"
  • Login to your Drupal-backend
  • Navigate to "Appearence", select "AAE Theme" and click "Enable and set default“ to activate the theme.

Settings (untested)

  • Add a new block @ "Structure > Blocks"

  • Confirm the following settings:

    • Title:
    • Description: Short-Info-Leiste
    • Text (beliebig anpassbar - bitte in HTML schreiben und Links manuell eintragen)
    • Region: AAE Theme > Footer
  • Set the new menu @ "Structure > Blocks > Main Menu"

  • Confirm the following settings:

    • Title:
    • Region: AAE Theme > Navigation
  • Add (sub)sites and paths (e.g. /events, /akteure) to the menu.

aae data

  • Copy "aae_data" to "/drupal/sites/all/modules/"
  • Edit "aae_data_helper.php" and set the internal server-path's & other variables
  • Login to your Drupal-backend
  • Select group "Custom Modules" and enable "AAE Data"
  • call URLs .../akteure or .../events (not working? then reinstall module and try again)

Featured modules

XMLSITEMAP: AAE Data module creates paths which can easily be used to create a XML sitemap. To do so, download "XML Sitemap"-module and activate it together with "XML Sitemap menu". After configuring, navigate to Drupal > Structure > Menues > "Navigation" > Edit and set "Inclusion" to "Included". On "Link lists"-Tab, deactivate unused or non-pulic paths (e.g. "events/new"). Mind the fact that this module uses Cronjobs - it can take days to receive an updated sitemap.


The performance of Drupal can vary immensively depending on your webhost. Take a look @ to receive further support. Pro-tips: Change the DB-Host in settings.php from "localhost" to "" and activate Drupal's internal cache or use memcache to gain a better performance.