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Julia Tutorial from MIT IAP 2013

NOTE: This is an old tutorial that has not been kept updated with new versions of Julia.

The material here was used in the Julia tutorial at MIT IAP 2013. It contains the following:

  1. LightningRound is a rapid introduction to Julia, with a number of quick examples designed to give a feel for the language. The presentation and example codes are both included.

  2. Vision contains a presentation on the overall julia vision.

  3. DataFrames contains a presentation on using the Julia DataFrames package, with a number of examples and exercises.

  4. Stats contains a presentation on doing statistics with Julia.

  5. GridOfResistors is an exercise where the students compute the effective resistance in a grid of resistors, and highlights various performance characteristics and language features.

  6. NumericalOptimization is an exercise where students explore different types of parallelism in julia in the context of a numerical optimization problem.