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UnitfulAstro.jl Documentation

UnitfulAstro.jl is an extension of Unitful.jl to include units commonly encountered in astronomy.

Table of Units

The list of additional units is given below:

Name Binding Value
Erg UnitfulAstro.erg 1//10000000 J
Dyne UnitfulAstro.dyn 1//100000 N
Arcminute UnitfulAstro.arcminute 0.016666666666666666 °
Arcsecond UnitfulAstro.arcsecond 0.0002777777777777778 °
Julian year UnitfulAstro.yr 365.25 dy
Astronomical unit UnitfulAstro.AU 1.495978707e13 cm
Light year 9.4607304725808e17 cm
Parsec UnitfulAstro.pc 3.0856775814913674e18 cm
Jansky UnitfulAstro.Jy 1.0e-23 erg Hz^-1 cm^-2 s^-1
Angstrom UnitfulAstro.angstrom 0.1 nm
Solar radius UnitfulAstro.Rsun 6.957e10 cm
Solar irradiance UnitfulAstro.Ssun 1.361e6 erg cm^-2 s^-1
Solar luminosity UnitfulAstro.Lsun 3.828e33 erg s^-1
G × Solar mass UnitfulAstro.GMsun 1.3271244e20 m^3 s^-2
Solar mass UnitfulAstro.Msun 1.9884754153381438e33 g
Earth radius (equatorial) UnitfulAstro.Rearth_e 6.3781e8 cm
Earth radius (polar) UnitfulAstro.Rearth_p 6.3568e8 cm
Earth radius UnitfulAstro.Rearth 6.3781e8 cm
G × Earth mass UnitfulAstro.GMearth 3.986004e14 m^3 s^-2
Earth mass UnitfulAstro.Mearth 5.972364730419773e27 g
Jupiter radius (equatorial) UnitfulAstro.Rjup_e 7.1492e9 cm
Jupiter radius (polar) UnitfulAstro.Rjup_p 6.6854e9 cm
Jupiter radius UnitfulAstro.Rjup 7.1492e9 cm
G × Jupiter mass UnitfulAstro.GMjup 1.2668653e17 m^3 s^-2
Jupiter mass UnitfulAstro.Mjup 1.8981871658715508e30 g
Fifty-one ergs UnitfulAstro.foe 1.0e51 erg
Solar flux unit UnitfulAstro.SFU 10//1 kJy
Total electron content unit UnitfulAstro.TECU 1.0e12 cm^-2


julia> using Unitful, UnitfulAstro

julia> uconvert(u"erg", 1 * * * Unitful.m)
9.80665e7 erg

julia> uconvert(u"Jy", 1.23e-20 * u"erg/s/cm^2/Hz")
1230.0000000000002 Jy

julia> uconvert(u"ly", 1 * u"pc")
3.2615637771674337 ly

IAU Resolutions

Copies of recent IAU resolutions which formalize the definitions of some units used in this package are linked below.