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Building pkg.julialang.org from PackageEvaluator

Depending on the configuration it is run in, PkgEval will produce either

  • 0.6all.json, 0.7all.json, or
  • 0.6AF.json, 0.6GO.json, 0.6PZ.json, 0.7AF.json, 0.7GO.json, 0.7PZ.json

The scripts in this folder take these results, enhance them, and construct the HTML and images for the website. If you have everything installed, you should open up build.sh and modify the paths for your system. It will then run through all the components.

Required packages: PyPlot.jl, GitHub.jl, Humanize.jl, JLD.jl, JSON.jl, MetadataTools.jl, Mustache.jl, Requests.jl

1. pull_repo_info.jl

Use the GitHub API to pull information about the repository itself. Currently that is just the description of the package and the number of stars. Saves results in pkg_repo_infos.jld, and assumes a Github token is stored in working directory in a token file.

2. build_site_data.jl

Take the results and repository information, and produce a single JSON with all information required to construct the website. At the same time, produce all badges and log files - avoid creating the badge if there is no change.

3. update_db.jl

Take the results and repository information, and update the test and start history databases.

4. build_index.jl

The main page is built by combining a header, a footer, and then repeating a middle chunk for every package. The templates are stored in the website/html/ subfolder, and are populated using Mustache. At the same time, create subpages for each package that has all the extra-for-experts stuff like histories, badges, and logs.

5. pulse_plots.jl

Makes the plots for the Pulse page:

  • The totals-by-version plot
  • The stars plot
  • The test status fraction plot

6. build_pulse.jl

Builds the Package Ecosystem Pulse page.