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NewPkgEval - Evaluate julia packages

Basic usage

In order to run PkgEval against a julia branch do the following:

  1. Obtain NewPkgEval
git clone
  1. Build a julia binary distribution

You have two choices. Either you build a binary distribution of julia yourself (or let the buildbots do it), or you may use the script that ships with NewPkgEval to do it for you. To use the built-in script, run

cd util
julia -e 'using Pkg; pkg"add BinaryBuilder"; pkg"add GitHub"'
julia build_julia.jl --verbose --branch my_branch

This will register a julia version called 1.2.0-my_branch in deps/Versions.toml, using a stanza that looks like so:

file = "julia.v1.2.0-my_branch.x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz"
sha = "9c796bfd7cb53604d6b176c45d38069d8f816efbe69d717b92d713bc080c89eb"

If something goes wrong, or you built julia yourself, you may have to add that stanza manually and copy the tarball from the products/ directory into deps/downloads.

  1. Run PkgEval
using NewPkgEval
pkgs = NewPkgEval.read_all_pkgs();
dg = NewPkgEval.PkgDepGraph(pkgs, v"1.2.0-my_branch")
results = NewPkgEval.run_all(dg, 20, v"1.2.0-my_branch")
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