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For local development install jekyll and run jekyll serve from the repository root. Old Jekyll based sites are build with jekyll build --source YYYYsrc --destination YYYY.

Automatic build and deployment of the site

The source for the Jekyll website is currently located in the src branch of this repository. This is set as the primary branch in Github, and hence PR's should be opened against this branch.

The built site will be deployed to master. This will be triggered when a push is made to the src branch. Push and PR to other branches should not trigger any build and deployment of the site.

The build and deployment of the site to GitHub pages is done using Travis CI.

Install and enable Travis CI

  1. Enable Travis CI for this repository
  2. Generate a GitHub personal access token so that Travis can commit the built site to gh-pages
  3. Install Travis CLI locally by running
gem install travis
  1. Create an encrypted environment variable using the GitHub personal access token created in step 2.In your terminal type:
travis encrypt 'GH_USER=<your username>' 'GH_EMAIL=<your email>' 'GH_TOKEN=<your token>' --add

This will encrypt your sensitive information and add it automatically to the .travis.yml file in the repository. 5. Ensure the site is being served from the gh-pages branch (you can check this in the repository settings) 6. All set.