Library for working with tabular data in Julia
dmbates and ararslan Clean up warnings in tests (#1453)
* Clean up warnings in tests

* Changes from nalimilan's review

* Don't test on v0.6

* Logic in makeidentifier, add testset wrappers

* Resolve method ambiguity

* broadcast scalar assignment

* broadcast assignment of scalar into array

* create testsets to isolate assignments

* Use a testset, find -> findall

* Adjust indentation

* Remove Compat in tests; add explicit test dependencies

* require v0.7.0-beta2 for Statistics package

* dataframe.jl fixes
Latest commit 1c468d6 Jul 20, 2018



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Tools for working with tabular data in Julia.

Installation: at the Julia REPL, Pkg.add("DataFrames")


Reporting Issues and Contributing: See

Maintenance: DataFrames is maintained collectively by the JuliaData collaborators. Responsiveness to pull requests and issues can vary, depending on the availability of key collaborators.