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Tools for working with tabular data in Julia.

Installation: at the Julia REPL, using Pkg; Pkg.add("DataFrames")


Reporting Issues and Contributing: See

ColPrac: Contributor's Guide on Collaborative Practices for Community Packages

Maintenance: DataFrames is maintained collectively by the JuliaData collaborators. Responsiveness to pull requests and issues can vary, depending on the availability of key collaborators.

Learning: New to DataFrames.jl? Check out our free Julia Academy course which will walk you through how to use DataFrames.jl. You can also check out Bogumił Kamiński's DataFrames.jl tutorial that is available on GitHub.

Citing: We encourage you to cite our work if you have used DataFrames.jl package. Starring the DataFrames.jl repository on GitHub is also appreciated.

The citation information may be found in the CITATION.bib file within the repository:

Bouchet-Valat, M., & Kamiński, B. (2023). DataFrames.jl: Flexible and Fast Tabular Data in Julia. Journal of Statistical Software, 107(4), 1–32.