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This is a breaking release. Deprecations are in place where possible, but code will need to be adjusted to work with the new framework. Changes:

  • NA (from the DataArrays package) has been replaced with missing (from the Missings package, and soon in Julia Base).
  • Columns are no longer converted to DataArray: do it manually if you want to use this type, or use Vector{Union{T, Missing}}. PooledDataArray should be replaced with either CategoricalArray or PooledArray.
  • Modeling features have been moved to the StatsModels package.
  • readtable and writetable habe been deprecated in favor of CSV.read and CSV.write from the CSV package.
  • Joining and grouping algorithm has been improved to be faster and no longer fails when number of groups is too high.
  • complete_cases(!) functions have been rework and new dropnull(!) functions added.
  • Concatenation code has been reworked, with better error messages.
  • The manual has been improved.
  • Printing has been improved.
  • And many other fixes and improvements.