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DrWatson is a scientific project assistant software. It helps people manage their scientific projects (or any project for that matter).

Specifically, it is a Julia package created to help people "deal" with their simulations, simulation parameters, where are files saved, experimental data, scripts, existing simulations, project source code, establishing reproducibility, and in general their scientific projects. To install, simply type ] add DrWatson in your Julia session.

Please read the documentation page for more!

DISCLAIMER - The Julia package DrWatson, contained in this GitHub repository, is in no way related with the proprietary Dr. Watson, a debugger implemented by Microsoft. In addition, the Julia package DrWatson contained in this GitHub repository is offered for free, without any monetary charge, and is provided with an MIT license.

If you have used DrWatson in a scientific project that lead to a publication, we'd appreciate you citing the paper associated with it:

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