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Julia language support for Sublime Text 4 or above

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Unicode tab completion (like the REPL)
  • Auto-indentation
  • Snippets


If you haven't already, install Package Control, then select Julia from the Package Control: Install Package dropdown list in the Command Palette.

Manual installation

If you want more control over what you pull down, or if you'd like to submit a PR, you coould clone the repository directly.

# on a Mac
cd "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text/Packages"
# on Linux
cd $HOME/.config/sublime-text/Packages
# on Windows (PowerShell)
cd "$env:appdata\Sublime Text\Packages\"

git clone Julia

Technical details

Sublime Text version support

This package should be only used in Sublime Text 4 or above. Sublime Text 3 support is deprecated. You are still able to install older version (0.9.0) of Julia from Package Control or from GitHub release

Custom colors

The default colors are chosen to satisfy most people. However, you might prefer to highlight macros, types, function calls etc. in different colors. This can be achieved by modifying the color associated with the syntax scope, such as variable.macro, in your color scheme. Use the shortcut ctrl+shift+alt+p or cmd+alt+p (macOS) to find out what syntax scope is applied to a certain character.


  • Run the build command by hitting ctrl+shift+b or cmd+shift+b(macOS) on the syntax_test_julia.jl file.
  • Keep the tests updated. Fixed issues should generally get a test.