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PKgTestSuite is a standard test suite to test packages under JuliaFEM organization. By using centralized testing script we can control testing of all packages from single place. In practice, PkgTestSuite is taking care of whole CI process, starting from running doctests, tests, syntax check + other tests. After that automatically generated docum…
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Standard test suite for packages under JuliaFEM organization. The purpose of this package is to

  1. avoid unnecessary boilerplate code of setting up new packages, and
  2. provide a standardized way to test that package matches to JuliaFEM standards.

Usage from command line:

julia> using PkgTestSuite
julia> test(pkg_name)
julia> deploy(pkg_name)

If running deploy() from command line, documentation is generated to docs/site.

Usage from Travis-CI:

    - julia --color=yes -e 'Pkg.clone("")'
    - julia --color=yes -e 'using PkgTestSuite; init()'
    - julia --color=yes -e 'using PkgTestSuite; test()'
    - julia --color=yes -e 'using PkgTestSuite; deploy()'

Default sequence is:

  1. check that all source files contain licence string
  2. check that no tabs are used in source files
  3. check code syntax using Lint.jl
  4. generate documentation of package using Documenter.jl
  5. run all unit tests
  6. deploy documentation to and coverage report to

By default build will fail if any item in above is failing. Something this might be too strict requirement, especially for older packages. For that reason is's possible to set key LINT_STRICT to false in Travis environment variable to make deploy success even if Lint.jl is giving some warnings. Correspondingly there is a key DOCUMENTER_STRICT which can be set to false to skip errors in Documenter.jl caused by missing docstrings or failed doctests.

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