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Web pages for organization. The actual page is and is pointing to same site.

Adding content

For contributors: If you have all Jekyll related stuff installed on local machine (computer you are using to develop), you can do bundle exec jekyll serve and check using your web browser from url address localhost:4000, (i.e. write to address bar http://localhost:4000) that content is OK. If that is the case, you can then push directly to the master. Otherwise, create branch to repository, do changes, make pull request and ask someone to review changes locally before merging.

Note: to check that web-page is rendering correctly, i.e. all figures are shown and so on, you have to install Jekyll development environment for your computer and use bundle exec jekyll serve as instructed above. If you don't have development environment installed, you cannot render site on local machine and you have to do pull request and ask someone to check the result before merging.

For others: Fork, do local changes, do pull request. If you want to be extra helpful and have installed Jekyll things on local machine, you can add screenshot of page to PR to make it easier for reviewers.

Examples can be written using Jupyter Notebooks or Markdown. See examples/2017-08-06-instructions-how-to-write-examples how to write using Jupyter and performance/ how to write using Markdown syntax.

Adding images

Place your video/image to


For example, if the blog post name is


and you want to add image


then the correct path is


REPO_DIR is the directory where is cloned.

Then, to point that image inside blog post, use the following format:

<img src="{{ site.url }}/assets/<blog-post>/<myimg>.png">

For example, using the example above, the corresponding tag would be:

<img src="{{ site.url }}/assets/2017-08-13-eigenvalue-analysis-of-eiffel-tower-using-juliafem-0.3.2/eiffel_model.png">

Also, it's a very good idea to watermark at least the most important pictures with JuliaFEM logo (can be found from /assets/logos) and maybe who has done the simulation, when, and so on.

Adding examples

Use the following string to split content of post to part shown as a summary/teaser and rest of post:

<!-- more -->


This is the repository for web-pages shown at Any changes to web-page should be committed to here. Jekyll is used in background to generate html pages from markdown documents.




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