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Build status (Linux x86-64):

Based on CUDAnative.jl and Cxx.jl this package provides an interface to NVIDIA's device libraries from Julia.

It is also meant as an example on how to interface to legacy C++ CUDA from Julia on the device level.

Contributions to this package are welcomed.

CUDA support

Julia v0.6 currently uses LLVM 3.9.1, this means we only supports CUDA 7.0 & 7.5. Full CUDA 8.0 support requires at least LLVM 4.0, but we provide some compatibility headers to partially support CUDA 8 on LLVM 3.9.1. If this does not work for you we recommend to parallely install CUDA 7.X and use the environment variable CUDA_HOME to change the CUDA version CUDAnativelib uses.


using CUDAdrv, CUDAnative
using CUDAnativelib
using .CURANDkernel # notice the dot prefix

function fillRandom(out)
  i = (blockIdx().x-1) * blockDim().x + threadIdx().x
  if i <= length(out)
    # Initialise state
    state = new(curandState_t)
    curand_init(0, i, 0, state) # one should use a decent seed here ;)
    @inbounds out[i] = curand_uniform(eltype(out), state) # @inbounds is optional
  return nothing

# Uncomment the following lines to see how the above function is lowered
# Also note how we use multiple dispatch to select the right `curand_uniform` function.

# code_warntype(STDOUT, fillRandom, (CuDeviceArray{Float32,1},))
# code_warntype(STDOUT, fillRandom, (CuDeviceArray{Float64,1},))

# CUDAnative.code_llvm(STDOUT, fillRandom, (CuDeviceArray{Float32,1},))
# CUDAnative.code_llvm(STDOUT, fillRandom, (CuDeviceArray{Float64,1},))

dev = CuDevice(0)
ctx = CuContext(dev)
N = 100
out = CuArray{Float32}(N)
@cuda (N,1) fillRandom(out)
c = Array(out) # force sync