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Read GeoJSON files using JSON3.jl, and provide the Tables.jl interface.

This package is heavily inspired by, and borrows code from, JSONTables.jl, which does the same thing for the general JSON format. GeoJSON puts the geometry in a geometry column, and adds all properties in the columns individually.


GeoJSON only provides simple read and write methods. takes a file path, string, IO, or bytes.

julia> using GeoJSON, DataFrames

julia> fc ="path/to/a.geojson")
FeatureCollection with 171 Features

julia> first(fc)
Feature with geometry type Polygon and properties Symbol[:geometry, :timestamp, :version, :changeset, :user, :uid, :area, :highway, :type, :id]

# use the Tables interface to convert the format, extract data, or iterate over the rows
julia> df = DataFrame(fc)

# write to string
julia> write(fc)

HTTP access

To read JSON from a URL, use HTTP.jl

julia> using GeoJSON, HTTP

julia> resp = HTTP.get("https://path/to/file.json")

julia> fc =