Statically-sized immutable vectors and matrices.
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Statically-sized immutable vectors and matrices.

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  • Julia 0.3: ImmutableArrays
  • Julia 0.4: ImmutableArrays


  • A function for generating vector and matrix types and methods up to an arbitrary dimension.
  • A default instantiation of types up to dimension 4.
  • Unrolled implementations of arithmetic operations and mathematical functions.
  • Unrolled matrix-vector and matrix-matrix multiplication.
  • Conversions between vectors and row/column matrices.
  • Conversions from AbstractArray and to Array.
  • Matrix determinant and inverse. (The current implementation roundtrips the data to/from Array.)


  • Automatic generation of types jumpstarted via Jay Weisskopf's gist.
  • Travis CI integration by Jay Weisskopf (@jayschwa).
  • Additional feedback and testing provided by Olli Wilkman (@dronir).


This package is available under the MIT "Expat" License. See