colorschemes, colormaps, gradients; extract colorschemes from images
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This package provides tools for working with colorschemes and colormaps. It provides many pre-made colormaps and schemes:

  • scientifically devised colorschemes from ColorBrewer and CMOcean
  • popular old favourites such as viridis, inferno, and magma from MATPlotLib
  • old masters' colorschemes, such as leonardo, vermeer, and picasso
  • variously themed colorschemes such as sunset, coffee, neon, and pearl

In addition, you can extract colorschemes from images, and replace an image colorscheme with another.

The package is designed for general purpose and informal graphics work. For high quality color maps that have consistent perceptual contrast over their full range, refer to Peter Kovesi's PerceptualColourMaps package.

This package relies on the Colors.jl, Images.jl, and Clustering.jl packages.