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Julia logo graphics

Julia logo

This project (it's not a Julia package, just a Git repository) contains copies of the logos for the Julia programming language. They are "tidied up" versions of the original logo by Stefan Karpinski, with whom remains all the copyrights and trademarks.

"Tidied up" here means:

  • font glyphs converted to outlines
  • stray and unwanted points removed
  • translucent graphics removed and replaced with solid color
  • transparent background (for PNG files)
  • thick strokes converted to filled objects with no stroke width

For Julia code to draw logos, see Luxor.

An animated logo is at images/animated-logo.gif.

Color definitions

About the font

The font used for the logo's original design is generally known as MN Latin. MN is Muthu Nedumaran, of Murasu Systems. Muthu Nedumaran developed several Indic fonts which are currently bundled with Mac OS X: Bangla MN, Gurmukhi MN, Kannada MN, Khmer MN, Lao MN, Malayalam MN, Myanmar MN, Oriya MN, Sinhala MN, Tamil MN, and Telugu MN.

The Latin (ie Western/Roman) character designs for all these fonts use the same distinctive "serifless Times Roman" style.


“Julia-tan” is the #JuliaLang (unofficial) anime character, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Contact Takeshi KIMURA (twitter: @kimrin) for any details of commercial usage.

Miscellaneous stock images

There are some general Public Domain CC0-licensed images relating to Julia on Flickr, tagged with "julialang" or "julialanguage". These should help publishers looking for those vague blurry stock images to illustrate technical topics showing Julia code.