An image library for Julia
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An image processing library for Julia.

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Full documentation is found at JuliaImages.


Elements of this package descend from "image.jl" that once lived in Julia's extras/ directory. That file had several authors, of which the primary were Jeff Bezanson, Stefan Kroboth, Tim Holy, Mike Nolta, and Stefan Karpinski. This repository has been quite heavily reworked; the current package maintainer is Tim Holy, and important contributions have been made by Ron Rock, Anchit Navelkar, Kevin Squire, Lucas Beyer, Tony Kelman, Isaiah Norton, Elliot Saba, Cody Greer, Daniel Perry, Waldir Pimenta, Tobias Knopp, Jason Merrill, Sean Garborg, romainFr, Dahua Lin, and several others.