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Documentation For JuliaImages
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Documentation For JuliaImages, the organization for image processing with Julia.

Build Status

Note that the source files for the documentation are on the source branch; master is used only for deploying the generated HTML content.

Adding demos

Users are invited to add demonstrations carrying out particular tasks, for example like the gallery for scikit-image. The current procedure is as follows:

  • git clone a copy of this repository
  • Add a new markdown file to docs/src/demos for your demo. Generally demos should contain one or more images, which should be added to docs/src/assets/demos. (If you have many images in your demo, consider creating a subdirectory for your images.)
  • Add a "card" for your demo in docs/src/, using one of the images you added as a "thumbnail" advertising your demo.
  • Build the documentation locally with julia make.jl from docs/. Inspect it (by opening docs/build/index.html in a browser) to make sure all is well.
  • Commit your changes (including all new files) and submit a pull request.
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