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[Packages under JuliaImages](@id page_packages_index)

!!! tip Most users should probably start with the tutorials before diving into the documentation for individual packages. Much of JuliaImages' functionality comes from composing very basic operations that are not always available in other environments, and the tutorials will make this workflow clearer.

馃毀This section documents the individual components that form the JuliaImages ecosystem. The ones marked with a * are available via using Images, but you can also use packages individually. Below, they're grouped into broad categories, then ordered alphabetically so you can start with whatever you are interested in most.

!!! tip For package developers, Images.jl is usually a large dependency to be included in the deps section of your Project.toml. Hence it is recommended to add only ImageCore together with the exact sub-packages you need. You can use @which to find out the exact package and file a method/function belongs to.

JuliaImages is not a closed ecosystem; it works nicely with many other packages outside of JuliaImages. The following is an incomplete list of third-party packages that are widely used together with Images.jl:

  • Augmentor.jl provides several basic image augmentation operations for image-related machine learning tasks.
  • Flux.jl is a deep learning toolbox in Julia.

There are also some other packages outside JuliaImages that you might want to take a look at:

  • MIRT.jl the Michigan Image Reconstruction Toolbox. As its name indicates, it is a toolbox to solve image reconstruction problems.
  • ImageClipboard.jl enables you to copy&paste image from/to your clipboard.
  • ImagePhaseCongruency.jl provides a set of frequency-domain filters based on phase congruency.
  • ImageProjectiveGeometry.jl is a self-contained package for computer vision tasks related to projective geometry.