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Easy interoperability between Julia and other languages

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  1. Cxx.jl Cxx.jl Public

    The Julia C++ Interface

    Julia 755 107

  2. CxxWrap.jl CxxWrap.jl Public

    Package to make C++ libraries available in Julia

    Julia 412 66

  3. RCall.jl RCall.jl Public

    Call R from Julia

    Julia 314 59

  4. MATLAB.jl MATLAB.jl Public

    Calling MATLAB in Julia through MATLAB Engine

    Julia 267 61

  5. Clang.jl Clang.jl Public

    C binding generator and Julia interface to libclang

    Julia 217 68

  6. ZMQ.jl ZMQ.jl Public

    Julia interface to ZMQ

    Julia 134 58


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