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Development repository for Julia's package manager, shipped with Julia v1.0 and above.

Documentation Build Status

Using the development version of Pkg.jl

If you want to develop this package do the following steps:

  • Clone the repo anywhere.
  • In line 2 of the Project.toml file (the line that begins with uuid = ...), modify the UUID, e.g. change the 44cf... to 54cf....
  • Change the current directory to the Pkg repo you just cloned and start julia with julia --project.
  • import Pkg will now load the files in the cloned repo instead of the Pkg stdlib .
  • To test your changes, simply do include("test/runtests.jl").
  • Before you commit and push your changes, remember to change the UUID in the Project.toml file back to the original UUID

If you need to build Julia from source with a Git checkout of Pkg, then instead use make DEPS_GIT=Pkg when building Julia. The Pkg repo is in stdlib/Pkg, and created initially with a detached HEAD. If you're doing this from a pre-existing Julia repository, you may need to make clean beforehand.

If you need to build Julia from source with Git checkouts of two or more stdlibs, please see the instructions in the Building Julia from source with a Git checkout of a stdlib section section of the doc/build/ file.

Synchronization with the Julia repo

To check which commit julia master uses see JuliaLang/julia/stdlib/Pkg.version.

To open a PR to update this to the latest commit the JuliaPackaging/BumpStdlibs.jl github actions bot is recommended.