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static inline jl_value_t *newobj(jl_type_t *type, size_t nfields)
jl_value_t *jv = (jl_value_t*)allocobj((1+nfields) * sizeof(void*));
jv->type = type;
return jv;
static inline jl_value_t *newstruct(jl_struct_type_t *type)
jl_value_t *jv = (jl_value_t*)allocobj(sizeof(void*) + type->size);
jv->type = (jl_type_t*)type;
return jv;
#define TAG_TYPE_NW (NWORDS(sizeof(jl_tag_type_t))-1)
#define BITS_TYPE_NW (NWORDS(sizeof(jl_bits_type_t))-1)
int jl_assign_type_uid(void);
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