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## converting pointers to an appropriate unsigned ##
const C_NULL = box(Ptr{Void}, 0)
# pointer to integer
convert(::Type{Uint}, x::Ptr) = box(Uint, unbox(Ptr,x))
convert{T<:Integer}(::Type{T}, x::Ptr) = convert(T,unsigned(x))
# integer to pointer
convert{T}(::Type{Ptr{T}}, x::Integer) = box(Ptr{T},unbox(Uint,uint(x)))
# pointer to pointer
convert{T}(::Type{Ptr{T}}, p::Ptr{T}) = p
convert{T}(::Type{Ptr{T}}, p::Ptr) = box(Ptr{T}, unbox(Ptr,p))
# object to pointer
convert(::Type{Ptr{Uint8}}, x::Symbol) = ccall(:jl_symbol_name, Ptr{Uint8}, (Any,), x)
convert{T}(::Type{Ptr{T}}, a::Array) = ccall(:jl_array_ptr, Ptr{T}, (Any,), a)
convert(::Type{Ptr{Uint8}}, s::ByteString) = convert(Ptr{Uint8},
pointer{T}(::Type{T}, x::Uint) = convert(Ptr{T}, x)
# note: these definitions don't mean any AbstractArray is convertible to
# pointer. they just map the array element type to the pointer type for
# convenience in cases that work.
pointer{T}(x::AbstractArray{T}) = convert(Ptr{T},x)
pointer{T}(x::AbstractArray{T}, i::Int) = convert(Ptr{T},x) + (i-1)*sizeof(T)
# unsafe pointer to array conversions
pointer_to_array(p, dims) = pointer_to_array(p, dims, false)
function pointer_to_array{T,N}(p::Ptr{T}, dims::NTuple{N,Int}, own::Bool)
ccall(:jl_ptr_to_array, Array{T,N}, (Any, Ptr{T}, Any, Int32),
Array{T,N}, p, dims, own)
integer(x::Ptr) = convert(Uint, x)
unsigned(x::Ptr) = convert(Uint, x)
@eval sizeof(::Type{Ptr}) = $div(WORD_SIZE,8)
## limited pointer arithmetic & comparison ##
isequal(x::Ptr, y::Ptr) = uint(x) == uint(y)
-(x::Ptr, y::Ptr) = uint(x) - uint(y)
+{T}(x::Ptr{T}, y::Integer) = pointer(T, uint(uint(x) + y))
-{T}(x::Ptr{T}, y::Integer) = pointer(T, uint(uint(x) - y))
+(x::Integer, y::Ptr) = y + x
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