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macro deprecate(old,new)
meta = Expr(:meta, :noinline)
if isa(old,Symbol)
oldname = Expr(:quote,old)
newname = Expr(:quote,new)
:(function $(esc(old))(args...)
depwarn(string($oldname," is deprecated, use ",$newname," instead."),
elseif isa(old,Expr) && old.head == :call
oldcall = sprint(io->show_unquoted(io,old))
newcall = sprint(io->show_unquoted(io,new))
oldsym = if isa(old.args[1],Symbol)
elseif isa(old.args[1],Expr) && old.args[1].head == :curly
error("invalid usage of @deprecate")
oldname = Expr(:quote, oldsym)
:($(esc(old)) = begin
depwarn(string($oldcall," is deprecated, use ",$newcall," instead."),
error("invalid usage of @deprecate")
function depwarn(msg, funcsym)
if bool(JLOptions().depwarn)
bt = backtrace()
caller = firstcaller(bt, funcsym)
warn(msg, once=(caller!=C_NULL), key=caller, bt=bt)
function firstcaller(bt::Array{Ptr{Void},1}, funcsym::Symbol)
# Identify the calling line
i = 1
while i <= length(bt)
lkup = ccall(:jl_lookup_code_address, Any, (Ptr{Void},Cint), bt[i], true)
i += 1
if lkup === ()
fname, file, line, fromC = lkup
if fname == funcsym
if i <= length(bt)
return bt[i]
return C_NULL
# 0.3 deprecations
function nfilled(X)
depwarn("nfilled has been renamed to nnz", :nfilled)
export nfilled
@deprecate nonzeros(A::StridedArray) A[find(A)]
@deprecate nonzeros(B::BitArray) trues(countnz(B))
@deprecate nnz(A::StridedArray) countnz(A)
@deprecate dense full
export Stat
const Stat = StatStruct
export CharString
const CharString = UTF32String
@deprecate UTF32String(c::Integer...) utf32(c...)
@deprecate UTF32String(s::AbstractString) utf32(s)
export Ranges
const Ranges = Range
export Range1
const Range1 = UnitRange
@deprecate clear_malloc_data() Profile.clear_malloc_data()
@deprecate set_rounding(r::RoundingMode) set_rounding(Float64,r)
@deprecate get_rounding() get_rounding(Float64)
@deprecate with_rounding(f::Function, r::RoundingMode) with_rounding(f::Function, Float64, r)
@deprecate set_bigfloat_rounding(r::RoundingMode) set_rounding(BigFloat,r)
@deprecate get_bigfloat_rounding() get_rounding(BigFloat)
@deprecate with_bigfloat_rounding(f::Function, r::RoundingMode) with_rounding(f::Function, BigFloat, r)
eval(Sys, :(@deprecate shlib_list dllist))
# Sys.shlib_ext is deprecated, renamed to Sys.dlext. Remove alias before release
@deprecate degrees2radians deg2rad
@deprecate radians2degrees rad2deg
@deprecate spzeros(m::Integer) spzeros(m, m)
@deprecate spzeros(Tv::Type, m::Integer) spzeros(Tv, m, m)
@deprecate myindexes localindexes
@deprecate setfield setfield!
@deprecate put put!
@deprecate take take!
@deprecate Set(a, b...) Set(Any[a, b...])
# for a bit of backwards compatibility
IntSet(xs::Integer...) = (s=IntSet(); for a in xs; push!(s,a); end; s)
Set{T<:Number}(xs::T...) = Set{T}(xs)
@deprecate normfro(A) vecnorm(A)
@deprecate convert{T}(p::Type{Ptr{T}}, a::Array) convert(p, pointer(a))
@deprecate read(from::IOBuffer, a::Array) read!(from, a)
@deprecate read(from::IOBuffer, p::Ptr, nb::Integer) read!(from, p, nb)
@deprecate read(s::IOStream, a::Array) read!(s, a)
@deprecate read(this::AsyncStream, a::Array) read!(this, a)
@deprecate read(f::File, a::Array, nel) read!(f, a, nel)
@deprecate read(f::File, a::Array) read!(f, a)
@deprecate read(s::IO, a::Array) read!(s, a)
@deprecate read(s::IO, B::BitArray) read!(s, B)
@deprecate nans{T}(::Type{T}, dims...) fill(convert(T,NaN), dims)
@deprecate nans(dims...) fill(NaN, dims)
@deprecate nans{T}(x::AbstractArray{T}) fill(convert(T,NaN), size(x))
@deprecate infs{T}(::Type{T}, dims...) fill(convert(T,Inf), dims)
@deprecate infs(dims...) fill(Inf, dims)
@deprecate infs{T}(x::AbstractArray{T}) fill(convert(T,Inf), size(x))
@deprecate bitmix(x, y::UInt) hash(x, y)
@deprecate bitmix(x, y::Int) hash(x, uint(y))
@deprecate bitmix(x, y::Union(UInt32, Int32)) convert(UInt32, hash(x, uint(y)))
@deprecate bitmix(x, y::Union(UInt64, Int64)) convert(UInt64, hash(x, hash(y)))
@deprecate readsfrom(cmd, args...) open(cmd, "r", args...)
@deprecate writesto(cmd, args...) open(cmd, "w", args...)
function tty_rows()
depwarn("tty_rows() is deprecated, use tty_size() instead", :tty_rows)
function tty_cols()
depwarn("tty_cols() is deprecated, use tty_size() instead", :tty_cols)
@deprecate pointer{T}(::Type{T}, x::UInt) convert(Ptr{T}, x)
@deprecate pointer{T}(::Type{T}, x::Ptr) convert(Ptr{T}, x)
# 0.3 discontinued functions
scale!{T<:Base.LinAlg.BlasReal}(X::Array{T}, s::Complex) = error("scale!: Cannot scale a real array by a complex value in-place. Use scale(X::Array{Real}, s::Complex) instead.")
@deprecate which(f, args...) @which f(args...)
@deprecate rmdir rm
# 0.4 deprecations
@deprecate split(x,y,l::Integer,k::Bool) split(x,y;limit=l,keep=k)
@deprecate split(x,y,l::Integer) split(x,y;limit=l)
@deprecate split(x,y,k::Bool) split(x,y;keep=k)
@deprecate rsplit(x,y,l::Integer,k::Bool) rsplit(x,y;limit=l,keep=k)
@deprecate rsplit(x,y,l::Integer) rsplit(x,y;limit=l)
@deprecate rsplit(x,y,k::Bool) rsplit(x,y;keep=k)
export UdpSocket
const TcpSocket = TCPSocket
const UdpSocket = UDPSocket
const IpAddr = IPAddr
@deprecate isblank(c::Char) c == ' ' || c == '\t'
@deprecate isblank(s::AbstractString) all(c -> c == ' ' || c == '\t', s)
export Nothing
const Nothing = Void
export None
const None = Union()
export apply
function apply(f, args...)
depwarn("apply(f, x) is deprecated, use `f(x...)` instead", :apply)
return Core._apply(call, f, args...)
@deprecate median(v::AbstractArray; checknan::Bool=true) median(v)
@deprecate median(v::AbstractArray, region; checknan::Bool=true) median(v, region)
@deprecate median!(v::AbstractVector; checknan::Bool=true) median!(v)
@deprecate Dict{K,V}(ks::AbstractArray{K}, vs::AbstractArray{V}) Dict{K,V}(zip(ks, vs))
@deprecate Dict{K,V}(ks::(K...), vs::(V...)) Dict{K,V}(zip(ks, vs))
@deprecate Dict{K}(ks::(K...), vs::Tuple) Dict{K,Any}(zip(ks, vs))
@deprecate Dict{V}(ks::Tuple, vs::(V...)) Dict{Any,V}(zip(ks, vs))
@deprecate Dict(ks, vs) Dict{Any,Any}(zip(ks, vs))
@deprecate itrunc{T<:Integer}(::Type{T}, n::Integer) (n % T)
@deprecate oftype{T}(::Type{T},c) convert(T,c)
@deprecate inf(x::FloatingPoint) oftype(x,Inf)
@deprecate nan(x::FloatingPoint) oftype(x,NaN)
@deprecate inf{T<:FloatingPoint}(::Type{T}) convert(T,Inf)
@deprecate nan{T<:FloatingPoint}(::Type{T}) convert(T,NaN)
export String
const String = AbstractString
export Uint, Uint8, Uint16, Uint32, Uint64, Uint128
const Uint = UInt
const Uint8 = UInt8
const Uint16 = UInt16
const Uint32 = UInt32
const Uint64 = UInt64
const Uint128 = UInt128
@deprecate zero{T}(::Type{Ptr{T}}) Ptr{T}(0)
@deprecate zero{T}(x::Ptr{T}) Ptr{T}(0)
@deprecate one{T}(::Type{Ptr{T}}) Ptr{T}(1)
@deprecate one{T}(x::Ptr{T}) Ptr{T}(1)
@deprecate rand!(r::Range, A::AbstractArray) rand!(A, r)
@deprecate rand!(mt::MersenneTwister, r::Range, A::AbstractArray) rand!(mt, A, r)
@deprecate itrunc(x) trunc(Integer,x)
@deprecate itrunc{T<:Integer}(::Type{T},x::Real) trunc(T,x)
@deprecate iceil(x) ceil(Integer,x)
@deprecate iceil{T}(::Type{T},x) ceil(T,x)
@deprecate ifloor(x) floor(Integer,x)
@deprecate ifloor{T}(::Type{T},x) floor(T,x)
@deprecate iround(x) round(Integer,x)
@deprecate iround{T}(::Type{T},x) round(T,x)
export Base64Pipe, base64
const Base64Pipe = Base64EncodePipe
const base64 = base64encode
@deprecate prevind(a::Any, i::Integer) i-1
@deprecate nextind(a::Any, i::Integer) i+1
@deprecate givens{T}(f::T, g::T, i1::Integer, i2::Integer, cols::Integer) givens(f, g, i1, i2)
@deprecate squeeze(X, dims) squeeze(X, tuple(dims...))
@deprecate sizehint(A, n) sizehint!(A, n)
@deprecate randbool! rand!
@deprecate randbool() rand(Bool)
@deprecate randbool(r::AbstractRNG) rand(r, Bool)
@deprecate randbool(dims::Dims) bitrand(dims)
@deprecate randbool(dims::Int...) bitrand(dims)
@deprecate randbool(r::AbstractRNG, dims::Dims) bitrand(r, dims)
@deprecate randbool(r::AbstractRNG, dims::Int...) bitrand(r, dims)
@deprecate beginswith startswith
@deprecate functionlocs(f,t) map(functionloc, methods(f,t))
@deprecate null nullspace
@deprecate error(ex::Exception) throw(ex)
@deprecate error{E<:Exception}(::Type{E}) throw(E())
@deprecate map!(f::Callable, dest::StridedArray, A::StridedArray, B::Number) broadcast!(f, dest, A, B)
@deprecate map!(f::Callable, dest::StridedArray, A::Number, B::StridedArray) broadcast!(f, dest, A, B)
@deprecate push!(t::Associative, key, v) setindex!(t, v, key)
@deprecate (|>)(src::AbstractCmd, dest::AbstractCmd) pipe(src, dest)
@deprecate (.>)(src::AbstractCmd, dest::AbstractCmd) pipe(src, stderr=dest)
@deprecate (|>)(src::Redirectable, dest::AbstractCmd) pipe(src, dest)
@deprecate (|>)(src::AbstractCmd, dest::Redirectable) pipe(src, dest)
@deprecate (.>)(src::AbstractCmd, dest::Redirectable) pipe(src, stderr=dest)
@deprecate (|>)(src::AbstractCmd, dest::AbstractString) pipe(src, dest)
@deprecate (|>)(src::AbstractString, dest::AbstractCmd) pipe(src, dest)
@deprecate (.>)(src::AbstractCmd, dest::AbstractString) pipe(src, stderr=dest)
@deprecate (>>)(src::AbstractCmd, dest::AbstractString) pipe(src, stdout=dest, append=true)
@deprecate (.>>)(src::AbstractCmd, dest::AbstractString) pipe(src, stderr=dest, append=true)
# 10314
@deprecate filter!(r::Regex, d::Dict) filter!((k,v)->ismatch(r,k), d)
# 0.4 discontinued functions
function subtypetree(x::DataType, level=-1)
depwarn("`subtypetree` is discontinued", :subtypetree)
(level == 0 ? (x, []) : (x, Any[subtypetree(y, level-1) for y in subtypes(x)]))
# 8898
@deprecate precision(x::DateTime) eps(x)
@deprecate precision(x::Date) eps(x)
@deprecate names(t::DataType) fieldnames(t)
@deprecate names(v) fieldnames(v)
function push!(A)
depwarn("push!(A) has been deprecated", :push!)
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