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Developing Julia with Vagrant

Vagrant is a system that creates lightweight, self-contained development environments as virtual machines. This directory contains a Vagrantfile which will provision a headless 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin virtual machine on VirtualBox for building Julia.


To develop under Vagrant, you will first need to install Oracle VirtualBox and Vagrant. Then, from a command line, enter the contrib/vagrant directory, and enter:

$ vagrant up

A virtual machine will be downloaded if needed, created, and provisioned with the dependencies to build Julia. By default, it exposes an SSH server to your local machine on port 2222. See the Vagrant documentation for complete details on using Vagrant.

Building Julia

Before attempting to build Julia from the Vagrant machine, you must ensure that submodules have been initialized and are up to date. On the host system, from the top level Julia repository directory, run:

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

The Julia repository is exposed to the VM using a VirtualBox shared folder as ~/julia. To speed up the build process and handle some limitations of VirtualBox shared folders, the contents of the julia-dependencies PPA are downloaded during provisioning. To take advantage of these dependencies, use the jlmake alias in place of make.

When the build is complete, you can run ~/julia/usr/bin/julia to start Julia.