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News and compat annotation for #29108 (current_project() / --project=@.)

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mortenpi authored and fredrikekre committed Dec 1, 2018
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@@ -79,6 +79,9 @@ Standard library changes
* `parse(Bool, str)` is now supported ([#29997]).
* `copyto!(::AbstractMatrix, ::UniformScaling)` supports rectangular matrices now ([#28790]).
* In `put!(c::Channel{T}, v)`, `v` now gets converted to `T` as `put!` is being called ([#29092]).
* `current_project()` now searches the parent directories of a Git repository for a `Project.toml` file.
This also affects the behavior of the `--project` command line option when using the default
`--project=@.` ([#29108]).

Compiler/Runtime improvements
@@ -125,6 +125,11 @@ julia [switches] -- [programfile] [args...]
|`--track-allocation={none\|user\|all}` |Count bytes allocated by each source line|
|`--track-allocation` |equivalent to `--track-allocation=user`|

!!! compat "Julia 1.1"
In Julia 1.0, the default `--project=@.` option did not search up from the root
directory of a Git repository for the `Project.toml` file. From Julia 1.1 forward, it

## Resources

A curated list of useful learning resources to help new users get started can be found on the [learning]( page of the main Julia web site.

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