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fix 32-bit integer overflow

	modified:   base/test.jl
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1 parent 92a8285 commit 98c667afbcbabf72c62f5cf8ef2f34c314f9ab63 @mschauer mschauer committed Jan 25, 2014
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@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ function test_approx_eq(va, vb, Eps, astr, bstr)
test_approx_eq(va, vb, astr, bstr) =
- test_approx_eq(va, vb, 10^4*length(va)*max(eps(float(maximum(abs(va)))), eps(float(maximum(abs(vb))))), astr, bstr)
+ test_approx_eq(va, vb, 1E4*length(va)*max(eps(float(maximum(abs(va)))), eps(float(maximum(abs(vb))))), astr, bstr)
macro test_approx_eq_eps(a, b, c)
:(test_approx_eq($(esc(a)), $(esc(b)), $(esc(c)), $(string(a)), $(string(b))))

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