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Fix #5587 (quickfix)

Check that the numbers from git are not empty strings before pasting
them into `version_git.jl`.
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1 parent 89d32b2 commit f90a976632e31dc9e13914ba03baf679f124b927 @ivarne ivarne committed
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11 base/
@@ -49,6 +49,17 @@ fi
fork_master_distance=$(git rev-list --count HEAD ^"$(echo $origin)master")
fork_master_timestamp=$(git show -s $(git merge-base HEAD $(echo $origin)master) --format=format:"%ct")
+# Check for errrors and emit default value for missing numbers.
+if [ -z "$build_number" ]; then
+ build_number="0"
+if [ -z "$fork_master_distance" ]; then
+ fork_master_distance="-1"
+if [ -z "$fork_master_timestamp" ]; then
+ fork_master_timestamp="0"
echo "const GIT_VERSION_INFO = GitVersionInfo("
echo " \"$commit\","
echo " \"$commit_short\","

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