bug in mmap error checking #1138

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In base/mmap.jl, the system call ccall(:mmap ...) can yield a pointer p that looks like a negative number but is okay. Then the julia function fails incorrectly with strerror giving an error message of "Success" ! According to the linux man page, mmap returns a pointer to -1 if something goes wrong.

I ran into the problem on Fedora 17 on a 32 bit machine. I fixed it by changing base/mmap.jl

if convert(Int,p) < 1
    error("Memory mapping failed", strerror())


if convert(Int,p) == -1
error("Memory mapping failed ", strerror())

Have I missed something here?

@timholy timholy added a commit that closed this issue Aug 8, 2012
@web-flow @timholy web-flow + timholy Fix #1138 81dc5fc
@timholy timholy closed this in 81dc5fc Aug 8, 2012
timholy commented Aug 8, 2012

Thanks for the bug report and fix! I've just pushed this to master. I gave you credit for it, using --author, but in the future don't hesitate to generate a pull request. That way, when it's merged your contributions will automatically be acknowledged.

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