LibGit2 Refactor

Updated Jan 15, 2017

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Updated Dec 22, 2016

Collection of data-nullable / na-able / nan-able related issues

Now that this functionality is working all over base, we should use it.

Many of our documented functions don't have any examples. We can add reproducible examples using doctests and make sure the examples will still work for end-users.

Improve Test Coverage

Updated Oct 5, 2016

See and for more details and discussion!

This would make a whole bunch of good "first contribution" projects, and does not require deep insider knowledge of the language.

The basic idea is to expand the test suite to make sure that julia's base code works as promised. Here is one recommended way to contribute toward this goal:

  1. Go visit or (At the time of this writing, coverage numbers are in the 80s%. If you see numbers that are much lower than this, don't trust the reports; there is likely a problem in measuring coverage.)

  2. Browse through the source files and find some untested functionality (highlighted in red) that you think you might be able to write a test for.

  3. Write a test that exercises this functionality---you can add your test to one of the existing files, or start a new one, whichever seems most appropriate to you. If you're adding a new test file, make sure you include it in the list of tests in test/choosetests.jl. may be helpful in explaining how the testing infrastructure works. Submit the test as a pull request (see


Updated Dec 22, 2016

Triage all the issues!

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