RFC: new startup mode: load a file after loading ~/.juliarc #1364

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timholy commented Oct 11, 2012

This is useful if you want to run a "script" that can run in both interactive mode and from the UNIX command line. In particular, it's nice to have whatever customizations are in ~/.juliarc available. Currently that is not possible because process_options in client.jl loads any files immediately. This patch adds the ability to defer loading until things are more complete.

This also separates out the role of the startup flag from the repl flag. I didn't see why it was dependent in the first place, but because this theoretically could break something I didn't want to just go ahead and commit.

This lacks an update to the --usage information (in repl.c). I figure I'd do that after finding out whether people want to see changes.


Yes, recently we specifically decided to only load .jularc.jl for the repl and not for scripts. Would it work just to have a switch that forces loading of .juliarc first?

pao commented Oct 11, 2012

For context, Jeff is referring to #1301.

timholy commented Oct 12, 2012

Sure, a switch would be fine. I can put this together. What should we call it? -F (as the opposite of -f)? -c (for configure)?

@timholy timholy closed this in 1d049aa Oct 13, 2012
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