RFC: A _working_ fix to Kronecker product #2646

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Fix to Issue #2637, and also added support for product of Matrix and Vector

In essence, the Vector Vector Kronecker product was written as an array comprehension, but array comprehensions return 2D arrays, so I added an explicit vectorization after the list comprehension and reordered the comprehension indices to get the proper result.

Tests were added covering all these cases.

Previous pull request #2643 had bug in the implementation of Matrix/Vector Kronecker product, which should have been caught by the tests added if I had run them properly.

marcusps added some commits Mar 21, 2013
@marcusps marcusps Fixed Kronecker product of column vectors
Array comprehension returns a 2D array, so I added an explicit 
vectorization after the list comprehension and reordered the 
comprehension indices to get the proper result.
@marcusps marcusps Multiple fixes to kron
Fixed issue 2637, and added support of Kronecker product between 
Vectors and Matrices.
@marcusps marcusps Added tests for Kronecker product
Added simple tests for Kronecker product involving Matrices, 
Vectors and scalars.
@marcusps marcusps Fixed bug in my implementation of Matrix/Vector Kronecker product 12f34d2
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You can push additional commits onto a branch without opening a new pull request, by the way.


I figured that out after I submitted this request. Still learning the ropes ...

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No problem! I'll leave this for someone more familiar with the linalg code to review/merge: @andreasnoackjensen @ViralBShah @dmbates off the top of my head.

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Thank you for pointing to the missing/wrong methods. However, the new versions will create many array allocations. I haven't benchmarked but I think the original completely devectorized matrix-matrix version is about the fastest way to do the Kronecker. A solution to the vector versions could be something like

kron(a::Vector, b::Vector)=vec(kron(reshape(a,length(a),1),reshape(b,length(b,1))))


I don't have a good intuition about which way the performance will go with the version I have here, but I will run some benchmarks to double check.

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You don't want to do res = hcat(res, ...) since that will do O(n^2) copying.

marcusps added some commits Mar 23, 2013
@marcusps marcusps Simplified Vector/Vector kron and reverted Matrix/Matrix
Simplified Vector/Vector `kron` following 
@andreasnoackjensen's suggestion, and reverted the changes to 
Matrix/Matrix `kron` due efficiency of implementation, as pointed 
out by @JeffBezanson and @andreasnoackjensen.
@marcusps marcusps Added support for Matrix/Vector & Vector/Matrix kron
Both falling back on the Matrix/Matrix case already implemented

I reverted the changes to the previous version of Matrix/Matrix kron, and used the simpler approach to the Vector/Vector, Vector/Matrix, Matrix/Vector cases as suggested by @andreasnoackjensen

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@ViralBShah I think this one is ready for merge.

@ViralBShah ViralBShah merged commit 4514791 into JuliaLang:master Mar 25, 2013

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@marcusps marcusps deleted the marcusps:kron-fix branch Mar 25, 2013
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