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Julia Project web site.
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_includes Add Iain's optimization video (updated with slides) to the autoplay l…
_layouts Workaround to show the correct cover picture in the JuliaCon random v…
benchmarks Benchmarks: bump version numbers in description
blog bold heading
community Add reference to julia and julia-coverage chat rooms.
css Remove `display: block` designator for links
downloads I guess it was the lack of quotes for colspan
drafts delete old blog post drafts; these are now getting linked to.
gsoc Add callsite method caching to jsoc projects
images Add Gnome screenshot for appdata file
learning Added link to slides from seminar Why your next project should use Julia
license /license: make redirect subject a parameter too
manual Override redirect target for the standard library reference page.
project Add a stub for a /project/ page, describing our higher level goals.
publications Regenerate publication list for Arrowhead.jl
teaching Updated/added PSU Astro 585
.gitignore SVG benchmark plot using Gadfly – 10^6 thanks, @dcjones. Add a custom 404 page.
CNAME Add CNAME file; formatting changes before making the site official. LICENSE: update copyright notice, add exceptions for specific pages
Makefile Make: add target for benchmarks.svg, and cleanup do syntax hightlight for real this time
_config.yml get rid of vestigial junk in _config.yml
benchmarks.csv Updated benchmark data, table and plot
benchmarks.ipynb Update to nbformat4
benchmarks.jl Update benchmarks plotting script
favicon.ico new multi-resolution favicon, created by following these instructions:
googlecfe81361b01e7638.html Youtube verification. Merge branch 'master' of i386 -> i686 Add information about JSoC
juliareleases.asc Add GPG signing of Linux tarballs and source tarball

This is the GitHub repository for the Julia programming language project's main website, The repository for the source code of the language itself can be found at

Julia Website is generated using GitHub pages and Jekyll, follow these instructions.

In short, be sure you have ruby installed, $ gem install bundler to install bundler, run $ bundle install from the root of this repository. You only have to do this once.

Now you can run $ bundle exec jekyll serve in the root of this repository to serve it, usually on http://localhost:4000.

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