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* Add jinc (also called sombrero, besinc) function

* Add tests for jinc function

* Add more jinc tests to verify that polynomial works as well

* Add redefinition of fastabs for jinc and clean jinc body

* Some code comments regarded cleaning of jinc function

* Add fastabs to SpecialFunctions

* Add relative error comparison to tests

* Add proper relative error testing

* Adapt jinc function to get type stability

* Add test cases for jinc function

* Use fastabs in expint and gamma for complex number checking

* Adapt \cong for complex numbers

* Add tests for fastabs

* Replace relerrc with complex relerr in tests for gamma and expint

* Fix test cases for jinc with correct big expression

* Revert \cong threshold back to 1e-6 for Float32

* Relax accuracy threshold for Float32 slightly

* Use \isapprox for all complex number tests of jinc

* Remove complex argument handling of \cong in runtest

* Remove explicit zero handling in jinc because evalpoly already does

* Add complex handling for relerr in runtests

* Add jinc function to documentation

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Special mathematical functions in Julia, including Bessel, Hankel, Airy, error, Dawson, exponential (or sine and cosine) integrals, eta, zeta, digamma, inverse digamma, trigamma, and polygamma functions. Most of these functions were formerly part of Base in early versions of Julia.

CI (Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, Windows): Travis CI Coveralls

Documentation: Documentation Documentation

Test status (most recent release): PkgEval

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