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Since DFTK is mostly developed as part of academic research, we would greatly appreciate if you cite our research papers as appropriate. See the CITATION.bib in the root of the DFTK repo and the publication list on this page for relevant citations. The current DFTK reference paper to cite is

  author = {Michael F. Herbst and Antoine Levitt and Eric Cancès},
  doi = {10.21105/jcon.00069},
  journal = {Proc. JuliaCon Conf.},
  title = {DFTK: A Julian approach for simulating electrons in solids},
  volume = {3},
  pages = {69},
  year = {2021},

Additionally the following publications describe DFTK or one of its algorithms:

Research conducted with DFTK

The following publications report research employing DFTK as a core component. Feel free to drop us a line if you want your work to be added here.