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Add possibiliy to add new workers to context
Add option to remove workers from context
Add fault handler new proc to context
Fix incorrect push! of array to array
Use Bool instead of Condition in tests
Add lock and defensive copy to procs(ctx)
Add background task to assign new workers
Add docs section about Dynamic worker pools
Lock all launching of new tasks
Worker death with options.single throws
Throw if no workers are available

Co-authored-by: Julian Samaroo <>

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A framework for out-of-core and parallel computing

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At the core of Dagger.jl is a scheduler heavily inspired by Dask. It can run computations represented as directed-acyclic-graphs (DAGs) efficiently on many Julia worker processes.


You can install Dagger by typing

julia> ] add Dagger


Once installed, the Dagger package can by used by typing

using Dagger


We thank DARPA, Intel, and the NIH for supporting this work at MIT.

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