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There are three main backends for AbstractPlotting:

  • GLMakie (Desktop, high performance, 100% features) default
  • WGLMakie (Web, fast drawing, 80% features) Experimental
  • CairoMakie (Print, SVG/PDF, 70% features) 2D-only (for now)

You can activate any backend by using the appropriate package and calling it's activate! function; to activate WGLMakie, you would do susing WGLMakie; WGLMakie.activate!().


GLMakie is the native, desktop-based backend, and is the most feature-complete.
It requires an OpenGL enabled graphics card with OpenGL version 3.3 or higher.


WGLMakie is the Web-based backend, and is still experimental (though relatively feature-complete). Currently, installing it is not straightforward; see the WGLMakie.jl README for detailed instructions.


CairoMakie uses Cairo to draw vector graphics to SVG and PDF.
It needs Cairo.jl to build properly, which may be difficult on MacOS.

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