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using Plots; gr()

[Animations](@id animations)

Animations are created in 3 steps:

  • Initialize an Animation object.
  • Save each frame of the animation with frame(anim).
  • Convert the frames to an animated gif with gif(anim, filename, fps=15)

!!! tip The convenience macros @gif and @animate simplify this code immensely. See the [home page](@ref simple-is-beautiful) for examples of the short version, or the [gr example](@ref gr-ref2) for the long version.

Convenience macros

There are two macros for varying levels of convenience in creating animations: @animate and @gif. The main difference is that @animate will return an Animation object for later processing, and @gif will create an animated gif file (and display it when returned to an IJulia cell).

Use @gif for simple, one-off animations that you want to view immediately. Use @animate for anything more complex. Constructing Animation objects can be done when you need full control of the life-cycle of the animation (usually unnecessary though).


using Plots

@userplot CirclePlot
@recipe function f(cp::CirclePlot)
    x, y, i = cp.args
    n = length(x)
    inds = circshift(1:n, 1 - i)
    linewidth --> range(0, 10, length = n)
    seriesalpha --> range(0, 1, length = n)
    aspect_ratio --> 1
    label --> false
    x[inds], y[inds]

n = 150
t = range(0, 2π, length = n)
x = sin.(t)
y = cos.(t)

anim = @animate for i ∈ 1:n
    circleplot(x, y, i)
gif(anim, "anim_fps15.gif", fps = 15)
gif(anim, "anim_fps30.gif", fps = 30)

The every flag will only save a frame "every N iterations":

@gif for i ∈ 1:n
    circleplot(x, y, i, line_z = 1:n, cbar = false, framestyle = :zerolines)
end every 5

The when flag will only save a frame "when the expression is true"

n = 400
t = range(0, 2π, length = n)
x = 16sin.(t).^3
y = 13cos.(t) .- 5cos.(2t) .- 2cos.(3t) .- cos.(4t)
@gif for i ∈ 1:n
    circleplot(x, y, i, line_z = 1:n, cbar = false, c = :reds, framestyle = :none)
end when i > 40 && mod1(i, 10) == 5
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