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@mkborregaard mkborregaard released this Dec 7, 2017 · 845 commits to master since this release

  • remove use of imagemagick; saving gifs now requires ffmpeg
  • improvements to ffmpeg gif quality and speed
  • overhaul of fonts, allows setting fonts in recipes and with magic arguments
  • added camera attribute to control camera position for 3d plots
  • added showaxis attribute to control which axes to display
  • improvements of polar plots axes, and better backend consistency
  • changed the 'spy' recipe back to using heatmap
  • added scatterpath seriestype
  • allow plotlyjs to save svg
  • add reset_defaults() function to reset plot defaults
  • update syntax to 0.6
  • make fill = true fill to 0 rather than to 1
  • use new @df syntax in StatPlots examples
  • allow changing the color of legend box
  • implement title_location for gr
  • add hline marker to pgfplots - fixes errorbars
  • pyplot legends now show marker types
  • pyplot colorbars take font style from y axis
  • pyplot tickmarks color the same as axis color
  • allow setting linewidth for contour in gr
  • allow legend to be outside plot area for pgfplots
  • expand axis extrema for heatmap
  • extendg grid lines to axis limits
  • fix line_z for pyplot and gr
  • fixed colorbar problem for flipped axes with gr
  • fix marker_z for 3d plots in gr
  • fix weights functionality for histograms
  • fix gr annotations with colorbar
  • fix aspect ratio in gr
  • fix "hidden window" problem after savefig in gr
  • fix pgfplots logscale ticks error
  • fix pgfplots legends symbols
  • fix axis linking for plotlyjs
  • fix plotting of grayscale images
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