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WebGL backend for Makie
Julia GLSL
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WGLMakie is a WebGL backend for the Makie.jl plotting package, implemented using Three.js.


using Pkg
pkg"up; add GeometryBasics#master Tables Observables AbstractPlotting#sd-webgl GeometryTypes JSCall#master StaticArrays WebIO#sd-httpheader RDatasets DataFrames StatsMakie MakieGallery#master"

Teardown (if you want to uninstall)

using Pkg
pkg"rm WGLMakie; free GeometryBasics AbstractPlotting WebIO JSCall MakieGallery"

Warning - this package is in development and may break often.


Still to come, but it will use the AbstractPlotting standard interface:

using AbstractPlotting, WGLMakie

AbstractPlotting.current_backend[] = WGLMakie.WGLBackend()
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