Overall and crossing-repository roadmap for JuliaQuantum projects.
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This repo is for discussions and documentations of overall and cross-repo roadmaps for JuliaQuantum projects.

  • The long-term roadmap of library development for the organization is documented in LongTerm.md.

  • The roadmap for the on-going test-run phase (V0.1) is documented in TestRunPhaseV0.1.md.

Members of JuliaQuantum please help keep these roadmaps updated--whenever the works you or your fellows are doing mark a milestone progress. All JuliaQuantum members have write access permission to this repo, as well as to the Resources and the JuliaQuantum.github.io repos.

Discussions regarding these roadmaps are on the issue page of this repo. Especially, suggesting new projects, peer-reviewing of incoming packages and suggesting library coverages are highly encouraged to be posted on the issue forum of this repo.

Discussions regarding general affairs of the JuliaQuantum organization and its official website content should go to the issue forum of the JuliaQuantum/JuliaQuantum.github.io repo. Surely, please help announce your progress and thoughts visible to the public on our website (all posts can be easily written in markdown!).