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Reachability Computations for Dynamical Systems in Julia

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  1. LazySets.jl LazySets.jl Public

    Scalable symbolic-numeric set computations in Julia

    Julia 226 32

  2. ReachabilityAnalysis.jl ReachabilityAnalysis.jl Public

    Computing reachable states of dynamical systems in Julia

    Julia 187 17

  3. ClosedLoopReachability.jl ClosedLoopReachability.jl Public

    Reachability analysis for closed-loop control systems in Julia

    Polar 44 2

  4. MathematicalSystems.jl MathematicalSystems.jl Public

    Systems definitions in Julia

    Julia 42 6

  5. RangeEnclosures.jl RangeEnclosures.jl Public

    Enclosures of real-valued functions in Julia

    Julia 22 3

  6. IntervalMatrices.jl IntervalMatrices.jl Public

    Matrices with interval coefficients in Julia

    Julia 18 2


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