Robot toolkit: Towards non-parametric and parametric navigation solutions

A modern robotic toolkit for localization and mapping -- reducing the barrier of entry for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM).

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Towards non-parametric / parametric state estimation and navigation solutions [1]. Implemented in Julia (and JuliaPro) for a fast, flexible, dynamic and productive robot designer experience. This framework maintains good interoperability with other languages like C/C++ or Python, as listed in features below. Multi-modal (quasi-multi-hypothesis) navigation and mapping solutions, using various sensor data, is a corner stone of this package. Multi-sensor fusion is made possible via vertically integrated Multi-modal iSAM.

Critically, this package can operate in the conventional SLAM manner, using local dictionaries, or centralize around the FactorGraph through a graph database using CloudGraphs.jl, as discussed here[2]. A variety of plotting, 3D visualization, serialization, LCM middleware, and analysis tools come standard. Please see internal packages, Robot Motion Estimate RoME.jl and back-end solver IncrementalInference.jl.

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Please see the documentation:



Please see the Arena.jl package for the concentration of all 2D and 3D visualization utilities of the Caesar.jl robot navigation packages.


Caesar can be installed with:

julia> Pkg.add("Caesar")

Bleeding-edge Development Status

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Caesar.jl Build Status
RoME.jl Build Status
IncrementalInference.jl Build Status
KernelDensityEstimate.jl Build Status
TransformUtils.jl Build Status
Graphs.jl Build Status
CloudGraphs.jl Build Status


Authors directly involved with this package are:

D. Fourie, S. Claassens, P. Vaz Teixeira, N. Rypkema, S. Pillai, R. Mata, M. Kaess, J. Leonard

We are grateful for many, many contributions within the Julia package ecosystem -- see the REQUIRE files of Caesar, Arena, RoME, RoMEPlotting, KernelDensityEstimate, IncrementalInference, NLsolve, DrakeVisualizer, Graphs, CloudGraphs and others for a far reaching list of contributions.


Consider citing our work:

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